Wednesday 7TH JUNE 2023
12PM NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS / 11:30AM SA, NT / 10aM WA

How Farm Owners Can Overcome Rising Costs, Inflation, and Softening Commodity Prices

Discover why your business model could be holding you back from high returns (and how to break free), and how to rise above challenges: find out how the Top 20% of Farmers stay profitable during tough times.
Maximising your Farm's profits: 
Harnessing the power of budgeting, P&L Statements, and Balance Sheets.
Tips from the Pros: 
How Emma and Mel's data-driven approach took their farm to the top
The game-changing decision that transformed the Bell brothers' farm from losses to $500k+ annual profits
12PM NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS / 11:30AM SA, NT / 10AM WA
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*PLUS - HUGE BONUS: simply join us LIVE on the webinar and we will give you a presentation recording called:

 Beyond Average: 
How Australia's Top Farmers Outperformed the Rest Last Year with Data from One of Australia's Largest Benchmarking Companies

During this presentation, we analysed the latest data and insights provided by one of Australia's leading benchmarking companies, which has compiled data from hundreds of farms across Australia to identify the key factors that separate the Top 20% of farmers from the rest. 

We delve into the numbers and uncover the specific strategies and practices that successful farmers used to outperform their peers, providing valuable insights that you can apply to your own farming business.
Meet Your Presenters
Greg Johnsson
Co-founder - Farm owners ACademy
Greg has had a lifetime of experience as a business owner and farm production consultant.  Greg’s passion for improving enterprise productivity and profitability for farmers started when he trained as a veterinary surgeon and has spanned the last 40+ years through the activities of his consultancy group, the Kangaroo Island Sheep Production Group, then Sheep Owners Academy and now Farm Owners Academy.

Together over the last four decades, Greg & wife Deb have started many businesses and also sold a couple. 

Greg’s businesses are now all managed totally by a team allowing Greg to concentrate on helping farmers through Farm Owners Academy. Greg’s businesses are all great examples of a “freedom business”.
Jeremy Hutchings
Managing director - Farm owners ACademy
With a life-long passion for the agricultural industry, Jeremy Hutchings brings his unique experience as a leading company strategist and business coach to the role of Farm Owners Academy Managing Director.

Jeremy grew up on a highly productive mixed farming enterprise at Yerong Creek, NSW. And now runs a "Freedom Farm" - a business that can work without him. 

He studied Agricultural Science, Economics and Trade, and has a professional career in farm and agribusiness consulting. 

With well-established business acumen and his extensive background in strategy, growth, team, operational and financial performance structures, as well as a special interest in farm performance analysis and benchmarking, Jeremy is well placed to lead FOA toward its vision of helping progressive farmers across Australia and beyond.
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